Thesis Topic

The Thesis can be experimental, field-based, literature-based, or it can be a report on the activities carried out in the internship.

Browse all our Research Areas to find possible topics of interest for your Thesis.

Visit the pages of our research laboratories to find out about their scientific equipment.

Find contact information for faculty and researchers in the staff pages of the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences.

Rules for writing the Thesis

There is no word limit for Master’s Theses.

Editorial guidelines: font Times New Roman, point 12, line spacing 1.5, margins 2 cm on all sides.

A 1-2 page Thesis summary in Italian should be attached to the copy of the Thesis to be delivered to the Student Office.

Submission of the Degree Application to the Student Office

Students are requested to submit their Thesis application electronically according to the procedures at

Documents to be delivered to the members of the Thesis Examination Committee and internal examiner

The graduate student should contact the internal examiner, as soon as practicable, for delivery of a copy of the Thesis, signed by the Thesis supervisor. An abstract of the Thesis (max. 2 pages, of which the first page is the title page of the thesis itself) should be handed-in or e-mailed to each faculty member of the Thesis Examination Committee.