The Department

In the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, we study the movements of the Earth's crust, the composition of minerals and soils, how to optimally find and manage resources and mitigate natural risks. We also study what lives on land and in water: plants, animals and microorganisms. We investigate how they have evolved and what they are threatened by.

Our research is conducted in a wide variety of environments: from the depths of the oceans to mountain peaks, and examines a variety of natural processes, from the germination of a seed to the formation of a diamond.

All of this is at the service of society: we offer our scientific expertise in the form of consultancy and technical services, we train professionals, and contribute to the development of society through educational and cultural activities tailored to a diverse audience.

We collaborate with universities and research organizations from all over the world, as well as with natural parks, foundations, scientific bodies, small and large enterprises, without forgetting our territory and local communities.