Joint Students-Teachers Commission

The Joint Students-Teachers Commission of the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences comprises of five professors and five students. The professors are appointed by the Department Council, upon proposal of the Director, in order to guarantee, as far as possible, the representation of each degree class. The students are nominated by the students as representatives of the Department Council among the students enrolled in the degree courses belonging to the Department.

The objectives of the Commissions are:

  • monitor the training offer and the quality of teaching as well as student service activities by professors and lecturers, with reference to the Degrees managed by the Department;
  • monitor students' opinions (also through the analysis of the evaluation forms of the courses);
  • identify and propose improvements in the quality of the teaching facilities;
  • disseminate the University's quality policies towards students;
  • on behalf of the Department, select the tutoring projects, prepare the related tenders, carry out the selection of personnel and compile the rankings for the assignment of grants for tutoring collaborations;
  • draw up an annual report broken down by Degree, which takes into consideration the entire educational offer (Annual Reports).
  • On the basis of the resolution of the Department Council of 11/30/2021, the joint students-teacher commission for the academic three-year period 2021-2024 comprises of:


Prof Nicoletta Mancin

Dr Emanuela Martino

Prof Roberto Sacchi

Prof Alessio Sanfilippo

Prof Riccardo Tribuzio


Mr Marco Asnaghi

Ms Rebecca Ghezzi

Ms Carlotta Maroni

Ms Giulia Mingardi

Mr Mattia Giuseppe Raciti