In our Degree, students can undertake a curricular internship that allows them to gain experience of work in the academic or industrial sectors.

What is a curricular internship?

A curricular internship takes place during the Degree course, in a defined period and in a specific work context (institutions, companies, laboratories); it is designed to allow students to acquire skills and facilitate professional choices.

The Degree Thesis work may consist in dissertation based on the activity carried out during the internship.

The length of the internship is proportional to the university credits acquired with the activity: 25 hours of work correspond to one credit; therefore, in the case of a six-credit internship, a minimum of 150 work hours are completed.

The procedures for activating the agreements for curricular training internships are handled by the Teaching Office.

Declaration of internship completion (to be filled in and delivered to the Teaching Office)

How to activate an internship

Suspension, extension, interruption and transfers

List of active conventions in the field of geological studies or related fields

Students can request the activation of new agreements in addition to those in progress.

Contact person for curricular internships:

Prof Claudia Meisina


What is an extra-curricular internship?

An extra-curricular internship is aimed at recent graduates (no more than twelve months since graduation); it allows them to gain work experience that helps them learn skills and make informed professional choices.

The procedures for activating the Agreements for extra-curricular training internships are handled by the University centre for curriculum counselling (COR).